Long Island Football Influencer

[These are the movers and shakers of Long Island Youth Football that we wish to honor. They are Coaches, Recruiters, Parents, NFL/NCAA players, and dedicated people doing things in and outside their communities to elevate the level of football on Long Island. These people do not all have 20 years of experience, fancy alma maters, or superstar backgrounds. Many of them do; but what they all have in common is more important than that: they all put in many hours dedicated to the cause. This is time spent away from their families, sacrificing, working hard to to gain more exposure for players on Long Island, and creating new opportunities for them. Their passion and dedication is fueling the new movement that is getting people on Long Island excited about football. #JoinTheLiyfaMovement]
Rich Mamolite is a Saint Anthony’s grad and a current Friar’s football coach. He is a never-ending student of the game, constantly studying evolving techniques for a winning edge. He is an X’s and O’s technician and with an undying passion and willingness to share his expertise with both coaches and players. He has a personality and approach that inspires high school level players, but one that also suits youth players and could easily swing in the other direction to coach college level athletes. At the end of the day he is an approachable expert with a great personality and those are traits that would carryover to any level of the game. He is a valued member of the Saint Anthony’s football program and big advocate for the local youth programs. Players of all levels pledge their work ethic to Mamolite and are fortunate to benefit from his immense knowledge of the game.