Long Island Football Influencer

[These are the movers and shakers of Long Island Youth Football that we wish to honor. They are Coaches, Recruiters, Parents, NFL/NCAA players, and dedicated people doing things in and outside their communities to elevate the level of football on Long Island. These people do not all have 20 years of experience, fancy alma maters, or superstar backgrounds. Many of them do; but what they all have in common is more important than that: they all put in many hours dedicated to the cause. This is time spent away from their families, sacrificing, working hard to to gain more exposure for players on Long Island, and creating new opportunities for them. Their passion and dedication is fueling the new movement that is getting people on Long Island excited about football. #JoinTheLiyfaMovement]

Tim Forehand is the Vice President of the Uniondale Knights Youth Football Club. He’s also a very well respected coach and is consistently helps with football events across Long Island including the annual Football University Championship team. His legacy is his highly popular pre-season summer jamboree that is hosted by the Uniondale Knights. Teams come from all over the tri-state area to scrimmage and work on their fundamentals in a friendly setting before the season starts. There are a dozen games going on at any one time throughout the day. It’s a football lover’s haven. The jamboree features music, food, games, apparel, and more. These type of grassroots events are what is fueling the long island youth football excitement. These kind of events and guys like Tim are stepping up and getting people excited about youth football!