Long Island Football Influencer

[These are the movers and shakers of Long Island Youth Football that we wish to honor. They are Coaches, Recruiters, Parents, NFL/NCAA players, and dedicated people doing things in and outside their communities to elevate the level of football on Long Island. These people do not all have 20 years of experience, fancy alma maters, or superstar backgrounds. Many of them do; but what they all have in common is more important than that: they all put in many hours dedicated to the cause. This is time spent away from their families, sacrificing, working hard to to gain more exposure for players on Long Island, and creating new opportunities for them. Their passion and dedication is fueling the new movement that is getting people on Long Island excited about football. #JoinTheLiyfaMovement]
Football after November? They do it in the South where it’s warm. Why not here on Long Island? George Scheld has provided something that many hard core football players have longed for. An Indoor Football Season! His Long Island Youth Indoor Football League has become very popular in the past few years. Although it’s been around for a while, most would still consider the program in it’s infancy considering how much potential there is for the league to explode in the years ahead. It’s a great league that allows players to continue working on their fundamentals during the off-season and in a fun environment. 
George Scheld is a current candidate for the Youth Coaches Hall of Fame. He has been involved in many youth programs in varying capacities form coach, administrator to board of directors member. Although football has long been a passion, he has also been actively involved in basketball, lacrosse and baseball programs. Mr. Scheld is currently the Varsity pitching coach at Chaminade High School in Mineola, N.Y. and was formerly a coach at St. Anthony’s High School in South Huntington. He received a full scholarship to play baseball at a premier Florida powerhouse Eckerd College until a devastating injury forced his return to New York. After doctors advised he would not be able to play competitive sports again, George refused to succomb and starting throwing again resulting in a call from St. Johns University coach Joe Russo to finish his college career there. He did just that, playing on a team ranked number one in the nation in division 1, with major league greats John Franco and Frank Viola.
Mr. Scheld owns a successful private investigations business and is currently authoring a novel on the problems with politics in youth sports. His coaching philosophy has long been simple. “Be prepared and Be Honest” He lives by the creed of his mentor, legendary college baseball coach from The University of Miami, Ron Frazier.

“I view everyone I meet, whether it be a player, ref, opposing coach, parent or administrator, as if I was going to enter a life long relationship with them even if I will never see them again. This keeps me focused and true and never lets me deviate from my stead fast philosophy; It is always about the kids,” said George.